Mobile DVR

May 26, 2016

What is a Mobile DVR.

Mobile DVR means essentially means a CCTV - DVR which is fixed in a vehicle. Mobile DVR is a wireless remote monitoring system consisting of mobile video cameras, Monitor, GPS tracking devices and accessories. The software is very user friendly and can be accessed via internet in desktop, mobile, tablets etc. The product is robust, shock proof, space saver, as well as equipped to face the jerks caused by rough roads. It is powered by vehicle battery. As the name itself means, it is a vital tool for surveillance. Mobile DVR is a safety and security device for vehicles plying on roads. It is a development in the Automobile industry, for the protection of the passengers and vehicles. This device captures all the activities of the vehicle and the driver. Besides in case of any accident, over speeding, delay and theft we can track the position of the vehicle and actually know the cause of happenings. The DVR system can be used as a reliable and powerful device to monitor the vehicle internally as well as externally for all vehicles.

Why Mobile DVR is essential in every vehicle

The Mobile DVR system captures all the activities of the vehicle and the driver. The driver and the cleaner are fully bonded by the installation of this instrument. This Mobile DVR surveillance system provides a complete security management platform of the vehicles at a click giving following alerts:

The Driver details (Name, mobile no. and address etc.)

Vehicles speed and acceleration, location, stoppage and kilometer run etc.

We can configure to get alerts in case of door open, oil spillage, accident, theft, alarm in case of emergency etc.

In recent times we read about incidents happening in school buses where the young girls are the target of some greedy drivers and cleaners. If this system is installed we can definitely prevent such instances.

Installing mobile DVR in a teenager’s car will be advantageous to parents and the teenager. The parents will be able to monitor the teen’s activity and vice versa, the teenager will also be responsible while handling the vehicle gifted to them by their parents.

Geo Fencing can also be marked for a vehicle, so that a alert is triggered immediately, if the vehicle goes off the pre-decided route.


Where can we install this Mobile DVR system.

This Mobile DVR system can be installed in all vehicles whether personal or private. School Buses, Company buses, Ambulances, Fleet owners, Travel agencies, Milk Vans and Police vehicle; should be provided by the Mobile DVR system. These surveillance systems are based on latest technology, as per market demand. They are reliable and give accuracy and promptness to track the vehicles. Due to Mobile DVR system, the scenario has changed across the globe, making vehicles more secured and safe. Mobile DVR and CCTV, surveillance systems go hand in glows to check the crime of the vehicles on the roads. Besides incase of any accident or delay we can track the vehicle and actually know the real cause of various happenings.

The Mobile DVR systems enable the smooth functioning and hassle free transportation for all types of vehicles.  It has an indirect impact on costing, as many ill gotten incidences can be controlled. The Mobile DVR system challenges the day to day entry and exit point of each and every vehicle, monitoring all the instances of the day. It prevents vandalism of the vehicle and its passengers.

How Mr. Wanjale used Mobile DVR successfully?

Mr. Wanjale is the owner of 5 numbers of tourist taxis. All the taxis have been fitted with Mobile DVR and are under surveillance and all the vehicles are tracked by Sim card. Today he has bought a new vehicle and has been fitted with camera. A new driver has been appointed and immediately sent on an outstation trip. Mr. Wanjale was not satisfied with the new driver but could not refuse the trip as he felt that getting a trip immediately on bringing the new car is lucky for him. He was not worried because the new car was fitted with all the necessary accessories to be tracked on the DVR. That night when Mr. Wanjale went to sleep everything was ok. Next day morning he received an alert from the Geo Fencing feature that the new car was going off the route. He tried to call the driver but the phone was switched off. He kept tracking the car till it reached the nearest town. The car stopped there probably the driver wanted to have tea. After 10 minutes, the owner switched off the engine through the DVR and informed the local police station about the theft of the car and the location of the car. Mr. Wanjale immediately left his office with another driver and reached the place by afternoon. He registered a complaint against the driver of the new car in the police station and with the help of spare driver which he had taken with him he brought the car back to his place.   

We are expert in video security systems and we want to assist you with a right solution based on your need and pocket. It is a need of today’s life style we provide you a security system that are safe, easy to handle.

Our integrated security systems are design to suit for campus, environment of all sizes. They will definitely give you peace of mind. We can design the system as per client’s requirement and satisfaction. Our team of experts are always ready to give you technical support and advice; from time to time.    

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