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From the earliest dawn of mankind we have recognized a need to restrict access to our home, place of business, or any place that is not completely public. Doors, bars, locks, fences, gates, or any number of obstacles to prevent free ingress have been employed throughout time.

In today's world we speak of Electronics Access Control as the system or device that actively grants or denies entry ; usually to a commercial, industrial, or governmental structure.

Modern day Access Control Systems are not restricted to just opening the doors to authorized persons, but are capable of doing much more than this. They can be seamlessly integrated with the following controllers, giving you a complete control on security of your organization.

  1. Intrusion Alarm System
  2. Door Interlocking System
  3. Fire Panel
  4. Flap Barrier/Boom Barrier/Turnstile
  5. IP camera System

Access Control systems can be broadly classified as under :-

  • Standalone single door access control system
  • Control panel based Multidoor access control system.

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